We have never considered okay to be good enough.


The Robison Group is an agency of professional investigators and support teams offering surveillance, SIU, and a comprehensive list of desktop investigation services. We adhere to the philosophy that great service and extraordinary product tell our story best.


New Innovations

The Robison Group has pioneered a new app for reporting counterfeit merchandise called FākR. Users are connected via Fakr to companies, government agencies and law enforcement who are working together to take action against the estimated 1.7 trillion dollar counterfeit market based on statistics from 2015.

What sets us apart?

Our software is customizable and allows us to develop comprehensive investigative solutions to meet the specific needs of our clients. Tools like Scout investigation management software increase the efficiency of the investigations by improving the flow of information between staff, departments, and third parties.

Complete Investigations

The Robison Group utilizes a best practices policy on all assignments from case intake to the final report. All cases are prepared, conducted, reviewed and information verified to insure the client is receiving the best possible final product. The Robison Group prides itself in our ability to investigate claims.